Vasco Viajes Teen Room IH212

Vasco Viajes Teen Room IH212

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Vasco Viajes: A Journey of Discovery and Design
Embark on an Adventure with Vasco Viajes

Welcome to the Vasco Viajes collection, where the rich textures of Roble Almo are beautifully complemented by the serene and refreshing Verde Nube. This collection is inspired by the spirit of exploration and the natural beauty of the Basque Country, designed to bring a sense of adventure and tranquility into your space. Vasco Viajes combines smart storage solutions with a versatile design, creating a perfect backdrop for the modern explorer's daily discoveries.

Versatile Trundle Bed: At the heart of the collection lies the trundle bed, a testament to functionality and style. Crafted from Roble Almo and accented with Verde Nube, this bed offers a cozy retreat while providing an extra sleeping space for guests, seamlessly blending into the room's aesthetic without sacrificing space or comfort.
Innovative Wall Mount Shelves: Complementing the trundle bed, three open and one door-equipped wall mount shelves serve as a canvas for personal expression. Display books, treasures, or souvenirs from your travels, adding a personal touch to your room while keeping your adventures and memories within arm's reach.
Spacious Built-In Wardrobe: The collection's four-door wardrobe, integrated with a six-drawer chest, is a marvel of organization. Its spacious interior, designed with both hanging and folding storage in mind, ensures that every item has its place, from daily wear to adventure gear, making preparation for the day's journey effortless.
Folding Wall Mount Corner Desk: The Vasco Viajes collection redefines the workspace with a folding wall mount corner desk. This innovative desk provides a sturdy and spacious area for study or work, then effortlessly tucks away, offering flexibility and maximizing your room's layout.
Mobile Cabinet/Nightstand: Adding to the collection's versatility, the cabinet/nightstand on wheels is a movable companion that fits perfectly beside the bed or desk. Its mobility allows for easy rearrangement according to your needs, making it an essential piece for dynamic living spaces.
Discover the World with Vasco Viajes

The Vasco Viajes collection invites you to infuse your living space with the essence of adventure and the calm of nature. Each piece, from the functional trundle bed to the innovative desk and generous wardrobe, is crafted to support and inspire your journey of discovery, blending practicality with the beauty of exploration.

Embrace the Vasco Viajes collection and let your space become a testament to your adventurous spirit and love for design. Here, where the journey meets home, create a haven that's ready for every voyage, whether it's into the pages of a book, through the realms of imagination, or across the globe.


  • Versatile Trundle Bed:
    W83″ x D38″ x H27″
  • Innovative Wall Mount Shelves:
    W150″ x D15" x H30"
  • Spacious Built-In Wardrobe:
    W86″ x D22" x H94.5"
  • Folding Wall Mount Corner Desk
  • Mobile Cabinet/Nightstand
    16'' x 16'' x 18.5''


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